Monday, 27 June 2011


Sorry for last post as it did not come out the way i wanted it too.


Hi everyone,

        I am back .
       Well i was never away as i read all your messages found them very interesting.
       Had a good laugh at some off them,and learned a lot from others .
       Thank you Anne Kath and Moira.
       I have started a new adventure on Face Book  .called Isabels craft`s
       Have made letter`s for a sign for Swap or Adopt .
       Which my 9 year old grand  daughter runs with her mum to raise money for fundraising for                 school  and other projects.
.     Also making resycle bags for Swap or Adopt.
       Swap or Adopt is animal toys of the wild kind you can adopt for a small fee or swap for an other
       one of the same size. She is doing quite well i am realy proud of her.
       Well that is all i have to say for the moment. hope to get back to you soon. this year if possible.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Is There Anybody There ?????---Let Me In !!!!!

Trick or Treat ????
Halloween workshop at Jacqui's
7th October

And if you pop to Anne's
there's a chance to win a prize if you answer her question correctly !
Think I'm giving you a BIG clue !!!!! he he !!!
Isabel x

Monday, 23 August 2010

Crafty Susy: Cricut Wall Decor cartridge

Crafty Susy: Cricut Wall Decor cartridge

My friend Anne said I should have a peek on Susy's blog as I would be interested in what she does .She was right as I too have the cricut expressions and at the moment I am making boxes in the shape of little handbags bags for a local chocolate factory.

A must to visit.

I am also into notelets but not quite had the time to do any thing about them yet.
Will put the boxes on my blog when I figure it out !!!!
Will get back to you soon.
Isabel xxx

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

I am going to be busy on saturday doing a coffee morning.
Fundraising for
The Falls Prevention Group
which I run with the help of a few friends.
Anne will be there selling her goodies to help the funds.All are welcome.
It will be held at
TheHoly Trinity Church in Elgin
@ 10am till 12md.
It has been a very busy week between fundraising and making a 100 little box`s
that I have to do for an order .
Now I have boxed eyes.he..he !!!!
Will post photo`s soon.

Isabel xxx

Monday, 31 May 2010

Stamping Experiance


Thought i would talk about my Stamping Up Experiance.
Well i went to theTree Tops Hotel on Saterday the 29th May.
Had a lovely day.
Found out things i didn`t know and discovered a few bits and pieces
that would help me with two or three projects i am thinking about.
Watch this space.
Congratulations Dawn and team looking foward to your next Experiance.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

gardning time

What a lovely day,no crafting done. Instead of crafting i was enjoying the sunshine in the garden.
What a lot of weeds there was .Guess what? there is still a lot of weeds.Main thing was to plant the apple and pear tree plus blackberry/red berry/gooseberry/raspberry bushes that should have been done last year.In between doing all that my gran daughters and myself watched the pet rabbits trying to escape from there run that was funny.The rabbits name are Iron....Brew.(boy and girl) Hope it will be a nice day tomorrow going to Inch to go walks with my grandson.

speak to you soon.